OD CLICK is a professional company on organizational development, providing business support services, enhancing the competitiveness and capacity of the human resources.

Become a trusted choice, providing effective solutions that bring success to businesses and organizations in the knowledge era.
• Raise the potential, value and creativity of leaders and organizations for sustainable development.

Core values:

  • Whole-heartedness: Pay attention to detail, sincerity in each behavior, long-term commitment to work.
  • Innovative Knowledge: To stimulate the thinking of innovation, to promote the development of the system, based on knowledge.
  • Responsibility: The highest responsibility the interests of the customer, the interests of the community, and the integrity of the organization 

Logo & Slogan:

The two main colors of the logo are: 

  • Blue represents wisdom and good values;
  • Yellow represents prosperity and success.

These two colors are designed in harmony, balance, creating a  solid block, showing the sustainable development.


Expresses the philosophy of organizational development that starts with leadership thinking, impact, and spread to the organization.

The curve is in a soft upward direction, showing the development of the organization in the long-term.

Slogan: People First for Business expresses the philosophy of organizational development based on people, every job or strategy starts with people, all successes are from people for people



OD CLICK’s working style is represented by the image of three lions:  the calm, intellectual, personality and teaming characteristics. Lions observe deeply and act assertively. Lions also gain respect and recognition without expressing themselves. CONSULTING GENTLE AS A LION.

The meaning of OD CLICK

OD: stands for Organization Development. This is a business sector that has not been paid by sufficient attention in the early stages of development. Organizational development pressure will become a top concern of the management, as organizational scale grows with the decreasement of organizational effectiveness decreases the business environment changes reveals the weakness of the competition capabilaty of the business. Organizational development requires in-depth knowledge, system thinking, and organizational endeavors. The support of the consultant will help the company to improve its up-to-date knowledge, third-party rating and analysis, and help businesses improve their performance on the basis of human resource innovation. OD CLICK has always pioneered in the specialized capabilities of organization and strategy to effectively support businesses, as well as organizations that are sustainable and successful in the knowledge era.

CLICK: We provide products and services to create efficiencies for our customers, through dedicated, innovative thinking and specialized knowledge, in a flash, as a click.