Our consulting services are geared towards the sustainable development of the enterprise with specialized and holistic solutions. OD CLICK experts understand the pressure of customers in the constantly changing environment with the hot development cycle of many industries. In order to be able to adapt to this change, the OD CLICK team has conducted a number of multidimensional research and assessments, combining modern and practical knowledge at Vietnamese enterprises to find out useful solutions, in line with the cultural characteristics of each organization.

The OD CLICK consulting model, which combines business strategy with team development, puts the human factor as the foundation of success in strategy, in 6 steps as follows:

(1) Defining thinking and leadership vision: Understanding the mentality, viewpoints and visions of the leader helps OD CLICK obtain the basics of the basics, from which to base the selection. Choose more consultative solutions with the needs and status of the organization. Leadership is important in driving the organization, every organization is influenced by the thinking and vision of the leader. This insight will help OD CLICK’s experts be able to go along with the organization in the next steps with the appropriate management and cultural solutions of each organization.

(2) Survey and Analysis: This is the next step for OD CLICK’s expert team to have more in-depth information on each of the consulting activities. The methods of surveying and analysis will be scientifically conducted to obtain objective and multidimensional assessments, which will help the organization to see the root causes of its present operating situation.

(3) Define strategy and objectives: All management solutions need to start and towards the implementation of the strategy and objectives. Therefore, the consideration of whether the organization is achieving or deviating from the strategy and objectives needs to be addressed in order to help stabilize and develop in the right direction on the one hand and help the organization to catch the opportunities. Future.

(4) Improve mechanisms, policies, and tools: In order for the consultant solutions to be feasible, the leadership’s commitment must be demonstrated by specific actions and changes. Reviewing and evaluating the impact of existing policies, suggesting solutions to improve and supplementing new policies and management tools will be provided by OD CLICK experts to help organizations quickly. There are changes and efficiency in the operation.

(5) Strengthening management capacity: This is a parallel solution together with recommendations on improvement or change of management policies and tools. Management staff will be the implementation of consulting solutions, the direction of business leaders. Therefore, the improvement of management capacity is essential. This will also have a positive effect in creating consensus and determination throughout the organization.

(6) Development Orientation: With an understanding of the current state of the organization, on the basis of an analysis of the external changes and development prospects of the industry, the OD CLICK team will propose development orientations. for each organization to help the organization to take advantage of, maximize internal resources and at the same time have the necessary solutions to take advantage of the opportunities in the market.

Thus, with the methodology and sequence of conducting the above mentioned consultancy activities, we can help our customers not only solve the current situation but also solve the problem of the whole, towards the sustainable development of the organization.

OD CLICK’s Advisory Principles:

  • OD CLICK advises by understanding and approaching the system.
  • OD CLICK does not provide training and consulting solutions to address current customer issues without really understanding the core issues that will help the client company make a truly lasting change. . Training programs, consultancy recommended by OD CLICK will be products built according to the specific activities and culture of each organization.
  • OD CLICK will have consultative solutions for effective control of training and consulting activities.
  • OD CLICK is ready to listen and go along with the company’s sustainable development.


The field of OD CLICK advice:

(1) Strategic planning consultancy

(2) Corporate culture consulting

(3) Consulting on the construction of human resources solutions

(4) Advice on motivational solutions, strengthening the commitment of employees

(5) Consultancy on restructuring and organizational reform

(6) Consulting on innovative activities in enterprises

(7) Survey and measurement of organization

(8) Consultant-oriented management solutions and leadership.